IMG_5183Welcome!!  In general, attorney attire is a blog for the young professional.



I am from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and am currently living in Rapid City, South Dakota (the black hills).  I am the youngest of three children, and am very close to my family.  I went to South Dakota State University for undergrad, and Valparaiso University in Indiana for law school.  In college, I played NCAA Division 1 volleyball for two years, and am an avid Gopher and USA Volleyball spectator.

I am currently a licensed attorney in South Dakota.   The most interesting cases I have worked on so far was a murder trial that ended in a not guilty verdict, and a worker’s compensation case that ended in a $45 million dollar verdict. In my free time, I am also a BARBRI tutor.  It makes me so happy helping others succeed!

Love to hike, cook, decorate, and spend time with my family, and friends.  Also love to travel.  Favorite place is Paris.  I am new to yoga, and it has been life changing thus far!

Favorite places to shop for home + suiting is:  TJ Maxx, Banana Republic, Gap, Kate Spade, Target,  and Nordstrom.



I started attorney attire in the spring of 2017.  Desperate to find a work life balance, my roommate encouraged me to start a blog.  I heeded her advice, and created attorneyattire.com. It has been so much fun so far, and I love seeing it grow.

RECIPES: Attorney attire focuses on sharing recipes that are delicious, relatively healthy, and quick.

ALOVE FOR WRITING: In law school, I was on law review, and loved it. Law review gets a bad rep for being unnecessarily challenging, but my most memorable times in law school were spent in the library researching and writing my Note. It is called The FTC Won’t Let Me Be:  The Need for a Private Right of Action Under Section 5 of the FTC Act, 50 Val. U. L. Rev. 227 (2015). Link: Law Rev Article.  I wanted to continue writing, and having attorney attire is the perfect way to continue that.

A LOVE FOR FASHION:   Apparently, the first word my grandma heard from me was “shop.”  I have always had a love for fashion and following current trends.  I am a firm believer in spending more for quality items. I think spending a little extra for something that will last longer, such as a quality purse or suit, is worth it in the end. It is also better for the environment.

A LOVE FOR DECORATING:  I love love decorating, and browsing for my dream home.  I probably have enough ideas to build three different homes. Hey, maybe one day it will happen!


Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Please let me know if there are any posts you would like to see!

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