international flight guide

definitely not an expert on international flights, but after preparing for my second intercontinental trip, i figured out what my must haves are. i also figured out what’s not important, like a bulky lap top or iPad. below are items from my most recent trip to Australia.

definitely need a pillow and eye mask. i got mine from TJ Maxx for under $10.00 each. need headphones, and a good play list. this trip, i left my iPad at home and plan to watch movies on the plane, and sleep.

my backpack is from United by Blue and was a gift from Isaac. he got it at “Roaming Around” in rapid city. the bag fits my outfits for six days + three pairs of shoes and other necessaries. we both only brought backpacks to make transportation lighter. (we brought an extra packable bag incase we find goodies to bring back with us).

a RFD passport and card holder is also helpful to keep everything together. the holder pictured below under $10.00 from TJ maxx. the only downside to having everything together is that you are SOL if something gets stolen. however, I️ keep my personal items close to my body in item number 7 (a small bag). i make sure it’s zipped and on my lap or close to me.

also necessary to bring battery packs. i’ve already gone through one writing this! finally, i am obsessed with face mist ($3.00 from tj maxx) lotion, and water + mio to keep hydrated on the long flight.

Would love to hear your must haves in the comments! Thanks for reading!

1. Sleeping pillow

2. Sleeping mask

3. Backpack or light carry on

4. Rfd protection passport holder 5. Gum to chew for take off and landing 6. Battery pack 7. Small bag 7. Water bottle 9. Lose fitting, comfy shoes 10. Moisture 11. Moisture moisture moisture 12. Snacks for the flight 13. Face moisturizer. This one is pretty small, and i wouldn’t recommend for the price!14. Sleeping pills for attempting to beat jet lag 15. Water flavoring to spice it up

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