visiting Paris

Bonjour, friends! two of my best friends and I went to Paris in March.  I was secretly hoping we would run into GiGi Hadid, since we were there during fashion week, but it never happened.  However, I still had the time of my life with my best friends.


we stayed in an airbnb in the Le Marias neighborhood.  It was very charming, with good restaurants, cafes, and bars.  it was my first time staying in an airbnb, and overall it was a good experience.  we ran out of clean towels within the first couple of days, but for the price, and the experience of living like a parisian, it was worth it.


we stayed for a week, which was way too short.  we packed in everything that was possible, however.  we saw the Louve, the Eiffel, Notre dame de Paris, and we also went to Amsterdam. while in Amsterdam, we saw the Anne frank house, and shopped at the local markets. the Anne Frank house was an unforgettable and moving experience.  the eiffel tower at night was my most favorite site. i will never forget looking at the lights at night while drinking cheap champagne out of a bottle.


macaroons, crepes, croissants, wine and pizza. we stayed near a grocery store and picked up food as we needed it throughout the week to cut food costs. it worked out great. i still have dreams of the street crepes–Nutella and banana especially–and the pizza.


if you ask my friends, they would probably say the public transportation was easy! my friends are  both saints and geniuses.  i could not figure out the trains for the life of me. however, the train situation is the most cost effective way to get around the city, and they seemed to figure it out just fine.  if you know french, it is probably ten times easier to get around, too.


cold, rainy, but still beautiful.  the city is incredible, and while the weather was not ideal, it did not stop us from having a great time. the cafes had heaters, blankets, and awnings (seen below) which meant we could sit outside no matter what the weather condition was like.

a few pics below!!


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