january 2018 outfit with rapid city revival


Happy 2018! I recently partnered with Revival of Rapid City to share some of their new pieces. I cannot say enough how comfortable this cardigan was to wear. It kept me warm during the chilly winter day, and was very flattering.  Second, these jeans!!!! They are high waisted, which I always love.  High waisted jeans look cute with just about any top.

I particularly loved these jeans with this sweater since the sweater opens at the bottom when buttoned, and the jeans peaked through. Finally, these shoes & the necklace were perfect accessories to tie everything together.  The shoes were a little difficult to put on, but once I figured them out, they are SO comfortable, and are of great quality.  Use code ATTORNEYATTIRE for 20% off one clothing item.  If i were to use the code on this outfit, my first pick would be the shoes, then the sweater, but its a toss up!

Please comment with any questions, and thanks for reading!!

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