guide to creating gel nails at home


Wanted to share my rekindled obsession with you! DIY shellac nails.  I am re-obsessed with the gel nail kit I bought last year.   I took a little break from doing my  own nails after I found a good salon in Rapid City, but I recently found my supplies, and decided to use them.  I love the convenience, and relaxation aspect of doing my nails at home–especially  when my budget is tight.   I loved this kit so much I bought meagan one as a thank you gift, but of course, she never opened it (she gets acrylic nails on the reg). Just means I don’t have to bring my kit to her house, though!

With the kit,  there are step-by-step instructions for how to use it.  What I have learned is that with the express nail polish, you do not need to do every step outlined in the kit.  All you need to do is paint one coat with the polish, cure under the lamp for sixty seconds, add another coat, cure for sixty seconds, and voila!

With the kit, there are about five steps, but I believe that is because the polish isn’t the “express” polish.  The polish in the kit is a more traditional gel polish, thus, all of the steps are necessary. The steps are easy, it is just a little time consuming, and did not seem to last as long.

As such, I would recommend buying the kit because it comes with the lamp, and the polish attached (you get more bang for your buck). You could also just buy a lamp and the polish if you don’t think you want the kit!

I linked every option below.

This is the kit I use:

Sensationail gel polish starter kit – raspberry wine

This is the polish I found works the best: (color is a great transition from winter to spring, too!!)
Pacific World Sensationail Express Gel, Made Him Blush (1 ct)

Nail Lamp: have never used this, but it has good reviews!
SUNUV SUN6 36W UV Nail Lamp Led Nail Dryer for Gels Nail Polish with Sensor (White)

I have tried all different types of polish, and the Sensationail  express polish is by far the best. If you have any you’d recommend, please let me know!

Thanks for reading!!




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