verismo or keurig?


I cannot live without my daily coffee.  Recently, I was gifted a verismo system from Starbucks for Christmas.  It has totally upped my coffee game.  With the verismo, I am able to make lattes that taste almost the same as what I get at Starbucks, and can have a shot of espresso any time of the day.

During law school, I lived off my Keurig. It was perfect for a cup of coffee anytime of the day (or night).  It was also the perfect coffee system for a single person.  If you are deciding between a Keurig or a verismo for yourself, hopefully this post can help.  In the end, I would suggest choosing the verismo because you get more bang for your buck, and it comes with most of the same perks as the Keurig. Everyone is different though, and the Keurig might be the right fit for you!



  • great for a single cup of coffee
  • makes coffee quickly
  • established coffee system, which means there are lots of K-Cup options
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Not an option for espresso
    • I might be missing something, but from the research I have done, since the Keurig does not brew under pressure, you can’t make a traditional cup of espresso with it
  • K cups are horrible for the environment
    • There are some K cups that are environmentally,  but the majority of K cups are made from plastic. If you are environmentally conscious, there is a link below for the compostable K cups!

Here is a link if you’d like to purchase one!
Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker, K-Cup Pod, Single Serve, Programmable, Black

Faro Breakfast Blend, Light Roast Coffee. 100% Compostable, Organic, Fair Trade Single Serve Cups for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24 Count



  • Makes Espresso
    • Unlike the kuerig, this machine is specific for espresso. The espresso is delicious and each cup tastes like its from starbucks.
  • Can make Lattes if you buy the milk frother
    • I received the milk frother and bought some of the sugar free vanilla flavoring from Starbucks. So, I can make skinny vanilla lattes at home which taste the exact same as they do from Starbucks.
  • Can make Coffee
    • this machine has an option for turning an espresso pod into coffee as well.
  • Small
    • the machine is small and takes up little room on the counter
  • quick to start up
    • this machine is super quick to start and brew espresso.


  • Limited coffee options
    • Unlike the Keurig, the verismo has not been around for a while. As such, there are not a ton of options for flavor. Starbucks has done a good job of selling decaf and dark or light roast options of espresso. As far as flavored coffee goes, however, the verismo does not offer any flavors.
  • Pods are not environmentally friendly
    • unlike the Keurig, i am not aware of any pods that have been developed that are compostable. Thus, the pods are pretty bad for the environment as well.
  • Here are links if you’d like to purchase the verismo. I suggest purchasing the milk frother as well because you can make lattes and cappuccinos with it.

Starbucks Verismo System, Coffee and Espresso Single Serve Brewer, Black

Starbucks Verismo Milk Frother

Starbucks&0174; Café Latte Verismo™ Pods


For me, the verismo wins. I love how you can make espresso and lattes, or just a plain cup of coffee if that’s what you want. With only one different negative than the Keurig– not a ton of options for coffee flavors, it is a great investment! I wish I had one in law school. Would have saved me a lot of money on those Starbucks runs!

thanks for reading!


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