visiting sydney, australia

Sydney is an incredible city. We spent one week there and it seemed way too short.  We left from Rapid City, South Dakota,  and drove down to Denver. I flew from Denver to LAX.  From LAX, I flew to Auckland, New Zealand.  The flight from LAX to New Zealand took about twelve hours. I flew Air New Zealand and would give it 100/100 stars. The airline was incredible. They provided us with dinner and breakfast when we landed. From Auckland, I then flew to Sydney, and the adventure began!

Our first day was spent traveling to our hotel, and exploring the neighborhood. We stayed in the Parramatta neighborhood our first two nights. We went to a concert, and the neighborhood was conveniently located near the venue. It was such a nice little suburb (i truthfully do not know if this is called a neighborhood, or suburb, but on the map, Parramatta seemed to be just outside of central, Sydney). Parramatta was filled with great food and shopping.



Just getting into the Sydney at Central Station
Starting off day 1 exploring Parammata





After we went to the concert, and stayed a few nights in Parramatta,  we moved closer to the heart of Sydney and near the beach. Our transportation consisted of the train, and was pretty inexpensive. Once we got to our second location, we were able to walk to most places we wanted to go (namely Bondi Junction).  We ate at Spice Alley, which was seriously delicious.  We picked up gelato, coffee, smoothies, etc. along the way. We also carried our water bottles everywhere and a camelback backpack because hydration was so important. We went in December, which is summer in Australia, so the temps were blazing.



One thing we did was the Bondi to Coogee Coastal walk. The views were breath taking.




We got Ramen at spice alley, and it was bomb.


I think on our Fourth day we went to Darling Harbour and saw the Opera House. Both were cool to see.


Finally, we spent our last day visiting the Taronga Zoo Sydney. It was absolutely incredible. We saw Koala up close, and were able to pet a Kangaroo. The zoo had insane views of the Sydney Opera house, and we took a ferry to get to it.







Overall, it was such a great trip. Everyone was very friendly, travel was super easy, and the food and entertainment was relatively inexpensive!

Thanks for reading!!

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