My Favorite Rapid City Hangout; Lone Pine Kombucha

South Dakota’s first Kombucha taproom opened in Rapid City, and I am thrilled. Last week, I had the chance to sit down and chat with the owner, Keith, over a glass of “booch” and chat about the business, and the drinks. The taproom is located in down town Rapid City on 7th Street. The taproom is in an awesome location, and is beautiful inside. There are pine accents throughout, tables with games, and the taproom offers overall great cozy vibes.  It is the perfect hangout or study spot.

 Lone Pine Kombucha serves refreshing, sparkling locally brewed kombucha. If you don’t know what Kombucha is, it is a form of fermented tea. It has numerous health benefits, and is a good alternative to coffee and other drinks.   Specifically, Lone Pine Kombucha is infused with all natural ingredients and the flavors change with each brewed batch. Pioneers of the industry here in South Dakota, Lone Pine Kombucha is the state’s first and only licensed producer and distributor of the bubbly elixir. The company takes pride in ensuring its product is thoroughly tested and meets all state and federal safety regulations.

Since Lone Pine Kombucha has been in Rapid City, it has garnered contracts with all the best places to drink coffee and eat good food in the Black Hills–Pure Bean RoastersHarriet and Oak,  and Spearfish Brewing Company among others. Lone Pine Kombucha is also at Drifters in Pierre, South Dakota, and has trickled further out east. Kombucha is sold in Brookings, and Yankton. Lone Pine also plans to distribute to Sioux Falls, too!  Needless to say, South Dakota needed Lone Pine Kombucha, and I am so glad the first brew house opened up in Rapid City.

Check out Lone Pine Kombucha, and use code “attorney attire” for 10% off your drink!

[offer is valid until September 1, 2018]

Thanks for reading!!


2 responses to “My Favorite Rapid City Hangout; Lone Pine Kombucha”

  1. LOVE this! I love kombucha and can’t wait to hang in their tap room! (plus 10% off, I mean!)


    1. haha yay!!


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