my favorite rapid city in home boutique– LuLaRoe Kayla Schmalz

The other week, I stopped into the in home boutique of LuLaRoe Kayla Schmalz. The boutique was located just off of West Boulevard in Rapid City.

If you are wondering what an in home boutique is– I was too!  So, I scheduled a time to swing into the boutique, and Kayla had set up various racks of clothing for me to shop from. This is standard for Kayla as she does this anytime somebody comes to her boutique.

One thing that LuLaRoe is typically known for is their leggings. I ended up leaving the boutique with a pair (haha, they are too comfy!), but what you can see from the photos below is that the boutique has so much more than leggings.  The company carries a wide variety of clothing– from children’s clothes, to men’s clothes, to work clothes, to workout clothes.  The company has sizes from XXS-3XL. There is something for everybody to put on and feel confident in.

The sizing was a little different on each piece so I would highly recommend going into the boutique and trying items on for yourself so you can get your sizing correct. While it is not the typical experience to go shopping in someone’s home, the boutique is so comfortable that you forget you’re in a house. Further, its really nice being able to talk to Kayla about all the pieces, and seeing all the different patterns and colors there are for each of the pieces.  Check out some of the items I tried on below!  

Skirt: Cassie $35.00 — perfect for the office size M — Top: Gigi $35.00 Size M


living in this dress this summer– Amelia $65.00 size S. For work, I wear this with a black blazer. it is so comfortable and makes for a super quick and easy outfit! love it
Shirley Cover up $48.00 Size M
Shirley Cover up $48.00 Size M


i love this long duster sweater! Duster– Sarah $70.00 Size S
Gigi Top– $35.00
The Deanne Dress– So gorgeous in Person– Size L $140.00


Each piece was very comfortable and was great quality. Overall, i would highly recommend the boutique, LuLaRoe by Kayla Schmalz.  If you do not live in the Rapid City area and cannot come into the boutique, LuLaRoe by Kayla Schmalz has a great online presence– you can shop on Facebook at: LuLaRoe Kayla Schmalz (click here to shop: Shop LuLaRoe Kayla Schmalz), text #BEYOU to 31996 or call 605-431-0920 to set up a time to shop.

Thanks for reading and please comment with any questions!!!

  • this post is sponsored, but the opinions are my own.

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