my favorite black hills clothing company: Westward Wandering Co.

Last weekend, Bailey and I packed up our apartment and moved into our first Black Hills home. Since then, our lives can be classified as “organized chaos”– hence all of the boxes that have yet to be unpacked, as seen in the photos below!

That said,  when Bailey and I moved to the Black Hills two years ago, I discovered Westward Wandering Co.. from a friend, and have been hooked on the company since. My friend sent a black  crewneck sweatshirt that said “BLCK HILLS” on it (similar here). I felt like a local the first time I put the sweatshirt on,  fell in love with the brand, and wanted to share!!

What I love about Westward Wandering Co.  is that the brand is local to the Black Hills, and South Dakota.  Second, I absolutely love the design, quality, and comfort of the clothes.  The Badlands t-shirt (linked here) and pictured below, is currently my favorite item in the shop. I love the design of it, and am obsessed with the badlands. moreover, I have another t-shirt (linked here), a mug (linked here), and a tote (linked here).  All items are so comfortable and durable. The t-shirts are super soft, and the coffee mug is huge!

Moreover, Westward Wandering Co.  also has something for everybody. I bought my dad a t-shirt from Westward Wandering Co. for his birthday (linked here),  and my grandma requested a Badlands coffee mug after she used mine (linked here).  Check out one of my favorite t-shirts below!

I could go on and on about the company, but I’ll keep it short and end with two more things: if you love photography, follow Westward Wandering Co. on instagram (click here). Westward Wandering Co. does an awesome job of posting quality, creative content. Finally, when you head to the checkout tab at Westward Wandering Co., you have the option to plant a tree for $1.00. So cool!  use code [ ATTORNEYATTIRE] at checkout for 15% off your order!

Here are some ways to check out the company:

Website/ Shop:



Thank you for reading!!

Photos: Love From Sarah Peterson 

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