7.4.18 | Fourth of July style with Payless ShoeSource

One of my favorite things about America, is our jury system. Over the last two years, i have seen a person charged with murder, be set free. I’ve seen a woman receive a large sum of money because she injured her back and was denied coverage. I’ve seen a lot of things in court, and every single jury trial, i leave feeling grateful for our justice system. This post isn’t supposed to be a discussion on America’s justice system, because i know it has its faults, but the legal system is one of my favorite parts about America.

One of my second favorite things is the beauty. There is beauty in every part of the country. In the black hills, my favorite part of the beauty is getting engulfed in nature. This summer, I had a picnic at the beach (as seen in the photos below), and wore some of my favorite shoes from Payless. I haven’t shopped at Payless since i was a child, but when they reached out to me to take part in a campaign, i went to our local store, and found so many good options. I chose the Women’s Crave Slip Ons as seen in the photos below! Click on any link to shop!

Whatever you are celebrating this Fourth of July, i hope you have a happy and safe time!


Favorite Payless Finds:

Thanks for reading!

[this post is sponsored, but all thoughts are my own]

Photos: Love from Sarah Peterson

Payless ShoeSource

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