botox for the first time & fall trends


I am loving  this look for fall. This sweater is from S and Company Boutique and I have already worn it multiple times, even though its still summer.  The shoes and black top are also from S and Company Boutique!


After thinking about it for literally years, I finally pulled the trigger and got botox. The place most recommended to me  in Rapid City was Pure Medical Aesthetics. I worked with Cicily, R.N., and she was excellent!

My appointment was right in the middle of the work day, which i was nervous about.  I took a late lunch and went in. The appointment lasted about thirty minutes, and I left without any noticeable effects.


The reason I wanted botox was because I have consistent RBF, and I wanted to fix it. I also wanted to get a filler in the area between my eyes to prevent any wrinkles during the aging process, and to stop looking like I was mad even when I wasn’t (so annoying).


First, I completed medical history forms, and was able to read about the procedure and after care before we started.

When I sat down for the procedure, I was able to ask Cicily questions, and she eased most of my anxiety.  I asked her first if the procedure was safe, and she explained what botox actually does (neuro relaxer), and said that it is an absolutely safe procedure. I also asked how long it lasts– she said 3-4 months. Finally, she said I would see results in about one week. Cicily then wiped off my makeup, and sterilized the injection area with a antibacterial wipe.


I scrunched up my eyebrows and Cecily injected the serum into four different areas (I think, i can’t fully remember exactly how many pricks there were). I was surprised at how painless it was.  I definitely felt the prick, which of course made me a little scared, but it felt just like a shot.


I left and felt instantly relieved.  Basically all of my fears were for nothing. I am two days out from the procedure, and slightly feel the impacts.  I wont see the full effect until seven days after the date of the procedure. But i swear, it has helped with my headaches too.  Finally, the cost was reasonable. I actually used xeomin instead of the botox brand (i didn’t realize there were different brands, but they have the same effects), and got it at a discount. Total, I spent $160!

Overall, I would definitely recommend it if you are thinking about it.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to comment below or message me!

Thanks for reading!!


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2 responses to “botox for the first time & fall trends”

  1. myquarterlifesurprise Avatar

    Nice reading about your experience and I had to google RBF, lol!


    1. haha, thanks! I know it doesn’t really correlate to my organic skin care, but I had to do something to help the RBF. Surprisingly, it’s really helped with my headaches too because I am not constantly furrowing my brows when I am reading, etc!

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