styling a sweater dress from Wear it Again Sam’s in Rapid City | Fall 2018

Ok, I have been dying to go into Wear it Again Sams in Rapid City for a while. My friend got a pair of Chloe shoes and some YSL’s there. They were gently used but were in amazing condition. I finally made it in the store, and found this sweater dress. I paired it with a belt to accentuate my waist and split up the dress a little. t

What I love about Wear it Again Sams is that you can find quality items there. I think it’s so important to recycle and reuse clothing. I went to Paris last spring, and thought it was amazing that their consignment stores were so popular. I think recycling clothing is a sustainable option, and being environmentally conscious is so important.  If you are curious about the environmental crisis “Fast Fashion” causes, read this article (Fast Fashion).   Articles and statistics like this have had an impact on me and made me more environmentally conscious about what I purchase. I hope you have picked up on the fact that I buy a few quality pieces, and wear them throughout the year.

I posted on Instagram about how I worked at my family’s furniture consignment store in law school. It’s called The Cozy Home, and it has an amazing business model. The business was founded on creating sustainable options for recycling furniture. Working there definitely instilled in me the value of purchasing quality furnishings so that they can be used, and years to come. This translated into my clothing decisions. I swear, in College, you could catch me shopping at Forever 21, or H&M. Now, those are the last places I look for clothes thanks to the values I learned at The Cozy Home.  If you’re ever in Madison, Wisconsin, I would highly recommend checking out their store!

In any event, while I love a good fad, I love the environment more!  I am so glad I found Wear it Again Sams in Rapid City. Love having the ability to make an environmentally conscious decision when I am shopping!

You can shop this pic via the links below:

Dress: (similar)



Photos by: Love From Sarah Peterson

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2 responses to “styling a sweater dress from Wear it Again Sam’s in Rapid City | Fall 2018”

  1. Love the dress and the look, though would look even better with pantyhose.


    1. thank you!


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