Personal Thank You Notes from Emily Costopoulos & My Favorite Fall 2018 Sweater


Photos: Love from Sarah Peterson

This spring, I was on the hunt for some personalized thank you notes. Attorney Attire has had the opportunity to work with some pretty awesome companies, and I wanted a personal way to thank them.  I love sending out thank you notes, but was sick of the thank you cards I would find at TjMaxx or target. So, I reached out to a local designer, Emily Costopoulos, and explained what I was looking for. Emily immediately replied, and I had my thank you card within a couple of weeks.


I explained the general concept– I wanted attorney attire written at the top of the note card  in gold cursive hand writing. Emily Costopoulos then made 6 different examples for me to choose from in different handwritings. I ultimately decided on a black cursive design, and went from there.  Emily asked what size of card I wanted, how many, and if I needed envelopes.



finished product!

I received 100 thank you notes in size 5 X 8. I decided to get envelopes at hobby lobby to cut down on costs .Emily Costopoulos was also so generous and gave me the design she created to use as my logo for attorney attire (below). I think it’s so cool that this design cannot be replicated because it is Emily’s handwriting. How cool!


So far, I have been in love with my cards. I am able to thank brands personally with hand written notes, and think the logo perfectly compliments my  brand; simple, yet elegant.

Would highly recommend Emily Costopoulos design if you are looking for personalized design tailored to you or your business!

Sweater: S & Company

Handwritten Cards:

Thanks for reading!!

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