thank you to my tribe and fall 2018 casual outfit

I started out typing an instagram caption, and after reaching a paragraph, I decided a blog post was more appropriate.

First, I wanted to say THANK YOU for being so supportive to me. This morning, I woke up to my first troubling comment. A guy told me he couldn’t wait to “kiss me.” Like, what?! A random stranger on the internet who I have never met, had the audacity to say that to me.  My first thought was where does this guy live? If he lived in my community, I would be scared for my safety.

Here is the comment *

Being rational,  I decided this guy probably lived in India and I would never come face to face with him, and  that all I had to do was block him. Immediately after I posted this story on my instagram stories, you all were so supportive, and I am so grateful. Sometimes it can be hard putting yourself in a position exposing your personal life, and in the year that I have been blogging this is the first incident that has alarmed me (PTL).  I wanted to shut down and unplug, but I love you guys and this blog too much to do that.

In addition to the support you have given me regarding that comment, a few of you randomly told me why you love following attorney attire. These comments mean more to me than you know. Sometimes I struggle with not being able to keep up with up with the bigger bloggers out there.  I posted a selfie the other day, and I was SO self conscious. However, your comments and likes affirmed tha

I read every single comment and DM and you guys are always so supportive. It means the world to me.  Never in a million years would I think that I would make genuine connections with others through blogging and I have been blown away by you guys. You inspire me to be a better lawyer, blogger, and human.

Thanks for reading!

Photos: Love from Sarah Peterson

Sweater: JCrew at Wear it Again Sams

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