Why I Stopped Drinking Coffee for One Week & My Favorite Vintage Bag


Ok, so a few weeks ago,  I decided to give up coffee. I was drinking at least 4 cups a day. 2 in the morning at least and 2 in the afternoon. I felt myself getting anxious and I wanted to see if cutting out caffeine would do anything for it. It totally did! I felt zero anxiety once I cut out the coffee. I loved it!  However, by the end of the week, I craved my coffee routine.

I was hoping that cutting out coffee would help me drink more water, but it definitely didn’t. Moral of the story, I decided to limit myself to only two cups a day, but that I cannot live without my coffee! Now, I only drink about 2 cups of coffee total a day. I don’t feel as anxious, and get the best of both worlds; coffee + calmness.
Thanks for reading!

Photos: Love From Sarah Peterson

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