5 Reasons Why the Burst Oral Care Toothbrush is a Game Changer

About two weeks ago, I received the Burst Oral Care Toothbrush in the mail, and have been obsessed with it ever since for a few different reasons. Let me start out by saying that I received my first electric toothbrush like four years ago while I was in law school.  What I love about electric toothbrushes versus regular toothbrushes is the level of clean that you get with them. Its a deeper clean, and you don’t really have to do any work besides moving the brush around your teeth.

However, my old toothbrush (it was the Oral B Brush), and the Burst Oral Care toothbrush are like night and day.  I don’t think I will ever go back to my old one after using the Burst Brush for these reasons:

1. The Burst Oral Care Toothbrush  shuts off automatically after 2 minutes

Incase you didn’t know, you should brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day. The Burst Oral Care Toothbrush will alert you every 30 seconds so that you can move throughout different sections of your mouth. Then, instead of having to count or set a timer on your phone for two minutes, the toothbrush turns off automatically. Amazing!

2. The Burst Oral Care Toothbrush has a built in tooth polisher!

There is a rubber ‘X’ in the middle of the toothbrush head that is a TPE tooth polisher. After you’re done brushing, your pearly whites are looking nice and fresh!

3. The Burst Oral Care Toothbrush has a built in tongue scraper and pressure sensor!

What?! I actually didn’t know that until I started writing this blog post and reviewed the tooth brush user guide. I’m pumped to try this out. Additionally, the brush has a built in pressure sensor. So,  if you get a little excited about brushing your teeth and push hard, the brush will compensate and slow itself down.

4. The Burst Oral Care Bristles are coated with Binchotan charcoal nanoparticles

What this means is that the brush is super soft, but it also ensures maximum plaque removal without damaging our gums or enamel.

5. The Burst Oral Care Toothbrush is super affordable

and the replacement heads are really cheap. My old toothbrush costs so much to replace the heads, but with Burst Oral Care, the replacement heads are only $6. I’m so happy about that!

So to recap: the Burst Brush shuts off automatically, which is amazing, and is a super affordable brush. Two combinations I love. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend the Burst Oral Care Toothbrush. Finally, The Burst Oral Care Toothbrush is normally $69.99 but you can use code PH5RVH for 40% off, making the brush approximately $39.99!

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think of it!


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