A Personalized Holiday Gift with The Bouquet Bar & Shark Tank Obsessions


Anyone else love the show Shark Tank? I think its so much fun to watch people chase after their dreams and present their ideas to a group of investors. It takes a special company to catch the eye of an investor.  In January of 2017, the The Bouquet Bar  launched, and was featured on Shark Tank. I have watched the show for years, and was so honored and excited to partner with a company who was on the show!

About the company: “The  Bouquet Bar is an innovative gifting company, which launched in January 2017 and is rapidly redefining The Art of Gifting. Founders David, Alex, and Sal took a simple idea to make the gifting experience unique and meaningful and brought it to life with the birth of Bouquet Bar.”

Perfect for the holidays!: Delight everyone your list this year with a curated holiday gift box. Choose one of our boxes or design your own. Order today and enjoy free shipping on every holiday gift box! Shop here: Seasonal Gift Box

The gummies were as  delicious as they look and the succulent came perfectly packaged. If you are looking for a special gift for a loved one, I would highly suggest heading over Bouquet Bar‘s website, and designing a gift of your own.

Photos: Love From Sarah Peterson

Thanks for reading!

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