Fall Outfit with Duffield Lane

You guys! I came across this amazing clothing store out of Michigan that carries the best work and casual pieces. I ordered the below dress and sweater, and absolutely love the quality of these items. Ordering clothes online can always be hard because you cannot see the quality of the pieces, so when the dress and the sweater arrived at my house I was so excited because I know they will be staples in my closet for years to come. The sweater is great for the office. I throw it on over blouses or dresses and have worn it to court a few times.

I think the dress is perfect for the office. It’s so flattering and comfortable. It’s true to size, and the color is beautiful. It’s one of the pieces that makes you feel amazing when you put it on! Would highly recommend.

Links to shop: Dress and Sweater

Photos: Love From Sarah Peterson

Thank you for reading!


2 responses to “Fall Outfit with Duffield Lane”

  1. Another set of lovely outfits. You ook great in them and I especially love the top outfit teamed with lovely pantyhose. Where did you get them?

    Thanks again for some amazing photos.


    1. These ones are from kate spade!


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