Why Bite Squad is the Best Food Delivery App & Discount Code



I AM SO EXCITED to share this new collaboration with you! Bite Squad came to Rapid City, and it is a total game changer. If you don’t know what bite squad is, it is similar to postmates, or uber eats. You can get food from your favorite restaurants in town delivered straight to your door in under 45 minutes. I’ve used the service thee times already in one month. I had food delivered at home for dinner and lunch, and bought lunch and had it delivered to work. Bite Squad delivered all of my meals straight to my door and office with no issues. The reason why this is such a great app versus a regular fast  food delivery:

Bite Squad is fast

I was so surprised with how quickly bite squad came to my door. I literally down loaded the app, picked out dinner, put in my credit card, and within 30 minutes, my favorite meal was at my door!

It’s convenient

All you need to do is login to your app and order what you’re hungry for. I ordered lunch the other day in under 5 minutes. Once you store your card and your location, you literally just have to select your meal, and you’re good to go.

So many food options with Bite Squad

There are so many different food options with Bite Squad, it’s amazing. You can get traditional food, Indian food, Chinese food, pizza, etc.

It’s inexpensive

I tried to order food from another food delivery service last month, and refused because it was so expensive. With Bite Squad, there is no minimum food amount, so your order can be as big or small as you’d like.

you can get 20% off your order! 

use code STEPHANIEBS20 for 20% off your first order!

If you are wondering how to use the app, all you need to do is download it from the Itunes store, and create an account. I promise, the whole process will take under 10 minutes to set up! Once you have your account set up, it will take under 5 minutes to place your future orders. Enjoy!!


Thanks for reading!

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