5 things unplugging from instagram taught me + 2 ways to style a crop top sweater

Look 1: Paired Black highwaisted jeans ($20 from target) with knit cropped sweater. Added black booties and my Dooney bag
Look 2: Same outfit but with a jean jacket! Et Voila


Lately, I’ve been feeling conflicted about finding the right work life balance. Can i still be a good lawyer if i have Attorney Attire?  Do people think I  take my job less seriously than my coworker because I post instastories on my lunch break?  I also wonder if my dog hates me because I’m not home enough to play fetch with him.

In an effort to resolve these feelings, I recently took a “break” from instagram and social media. It resulted in a shift in perspective. It was freeing. I love Instagram too much to stay off permanently, but If there is one thing I learned, it is that really great things can happen when we take breaks. We have a chance to reset. We get inspired. We can be letter lawyers, bloggers, wives, and dog moms.

Specifically, What taking a break taught me

1. Blogging is More than Just a Side Hustle

Blogging is a stress relief. It’s fun.  When I was on my break, I was constantly thinking about what blog posts i could write.  I was able to draft multiple posts, and not forcing myself to create content because of self imposed deadlines was extremely freeing.

2. being bored = being more creative

Recently, I read somewhere that when you remove yourself from contstant stimulation and multitasking, you become more creative. Duh. You have more time to think, and are more aware of your surroundings. It’s easier to feel inspired when you’re not constantly glued to a phone.

3. Taking a Break can Refuel Relationships

During my break, i was truly able to bond with my dad. We refinished my bathroom floors, picked out tiling, and he taught me how to take a drill bit out of a drill.   I was able to do that without being glued to my phone, checking to see DM’s, comments, or likes.

4. The Less I Logged into Social Media, the Happier I Became

The less I was exposed to photos and stories of other bloggers, the happier I became. I love my blogger friends, and truly enjoy their content. However, I constantly have people I don’t know popping up on my feed, or in my search tab, and it made me feel less confident in myself and my content. It was miserable. Stepping away from instagram truly made me get back to my roots and why I started Attorney Attire in the first place.

5. Sex in the City is an Amazing Show

Literally binged the entire series in under a month. To say that I am  obsessed with the show is an understatement. Carrie Bradshaw is an icon. Charlotte is goals, and I want a love like Carrie and Big (sorry Aidan fans).

Okay, If you are still reading this post, thanks for bearing with me!  ,I didn’t really think i’d miss social media, but the truth is, I missed you all terribly. So even though the break was great, I’m so excited to be back and putting out better content!

Thanks  for reading!



Photos: Kinsey Whidby Photography

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