4 Updates about Attorney Attire & Life

Hey guys!! Holy crap, my blog is back after a month of being down. I made the mistake of trying to transfer hosting sites quickly and through that process, lost about a year’s worth of posts. Which is fine! Those posts were from 2020 mostly, which I took a chunk of time off from blogging anyway to focus on flipping our home, getting married, and switching careers! So, I wanted to post a quick blurb about life lately!

1. The blog is back and moving forward full steam

Okay so taking some time off blogging that was kind of forced and also necessary made me realize how much I love and miss it! I have so much I want to share on this space, and I am so glad so many of you have stuck around during the last year of changes! So many changes, a global pandemic, etc. really just took out all of my creativity.

2. You can get to the blog in two ways

I am no longer working as a prosecutor, and have my own business. Therefore, my business website name is StephKroeze.com but it also links to Attorneyattire.com ! So you can type in either one into your browser, and click “blog” to read new posts. There is also an option to subscribe to the blog now as well.

3. We moved to Colorado

John and I moved to Pueblo, CO to be closer to family! We love it here! We are renovating our tudor style 1930’s home. I will post pictures on here. I am also in real estate now, and my Colorado Bar application is pending. Through the pandemic, I realized that I really want to focus on career wise what makes me happy. Real estate, social media, and blogging are that! I am maintaing my law license because I do love law and I love helping people who are in need of legal services. So, I will be doing that on a case by case basis!

4.I am Married now

John and I got married in Moab, Utah in July of 2020. I will post an elopement blog! A lot of my blog posts were about being single and young and driven, so now, there will be a shift in talking about relationships, etc.

Please reach out if you would like a blog on any topics. Thanks so much for being a loyal reader!



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