5 Steps to Switching Careers

Okay, so this is one of my most asked questions and one of my most engaged with topics. First, I am going to say that it was not an easy decision for me to leave my full time attorney job and go into real estate in the middle of a global pandemic. It was probably one of the most scary and difficult decisions I have made. However, I do not think that we live our best and happiest lives if we don’t take risks, trust our intuition, and do what’s best for us. So without further intro, here are the top 5 tips I learned.

1. Nothing in life is permanent– you can always try something

This advice came from my Grandma Kroeze. While I was still deciding about leaving my job, I called her and told her that I was thinking about getting into real estate with my sister. I told her I was scared and wasn’t sure it was wise. She said in her cute little midwesterner way, “oh, well you can always try it!” Like, Duh! Such simple advice and it was SO true. Nothing in life is permanent, and you can always try something. it is good to take risks in life. there are no rewards without a bit of risk.

2. Check your Finances Before you Leave

Okay, so this piece of advice should probably go after the ‘have a plan” tip, but we can discuss now. Make sure you have enough money saved for your expenses. For example, if you are going to switch jobs and relocate out of town, out of state, etc. make sure you have enough money saved up to cover moving expenses, rent/ housing, etc. until you get settled into your next job. Really common sense advice, but if you’re going to leave, you have to make sure you are being wise about your choices.

3. Have a Plan, but Keep an Open Mind

Don’t quit your job without a job or something lined up. This seems obvious, but IDK if someone needed to hear that. I don’t mean you have to quit your job and have your DREAM job already landed, but make sure that you have a way to replace your income while you are looking for your dream job or starting your business. Additionally, if you are relocating and or jumping into a different job, make sure you have a contract with your new employer.

4. Use your Resources

Contact whoever you can about whatever job you want to go into and ask them questions. I spoke to three realtors before I switched into real estate. I learned about the pro’s and cons about real estate and got some tips about how to be successful. Without those conversations, I would have had no idea how much to save, and what to expect. Use your resources and talk to people in the industry that you want to get into. Who knows, maybe after talking to them you might go in a different direction. I didn’t really tell anyone but john this, but I was actually going to open up a clothing boutique next. I spoke to a woman who actually had a very successful clothing boutique, and later a successful real estate career and asked her thoughts. She really was influential in me getting into real estate. If I wouldn’t have talked to her, I would be asking “what if.”

5.Be Patient

Overnight success usually takes about 10 years to create. It is highly unlikely that you are going to leave a career and jump into another one and be at the top of your game in that new career. Have some grace with yourself.

Bonus tip** Pay Attention to Signs

Okay this is a bonus tip. Like I said above, I was scared to leave my career that I had invested so much in. However, prior to leaving and moving, I had so many signs telling me it was the right move. Looking back, I can’t remember them clearly, but I just remember being like “woah, that was weird.” For example, I kept on having this constant tug to pulling us to Colorado. When I decided to quit my job (which is an entirely different post in itself), it was a Monday. We literally had zero plans. Our house had sold, but I just figured we would get another one in the Black Hills, and we would stay there until I found a different job. However, the next day, John got a call from the county in Colorado Springs offering him a job. I took it as a sign that it was now or never with real estate. When we got to Pueblo, I still had no idea what I was going to do. Two days later, I got offered a position at Keller Williams, I got my real estate license, and my sister and I started a business together three months later. I realize not everyone will be in the same position of quitting without a job lined up, but what I am trying to say is that you just have to have an open mind, and pay attention to the universe around you!

If you are on the fence about leaving your current job– One bonus tip that I learned from a podcast I listed to today– the Skinny Confidential– is that you should start journaling your thoughts/ feelings about something. If you look at your journal a year, two years, or eight years down the road and you have the same reoccurring thought– I am miserable in my job– maybe it’s time to leave.

Thanks for reading!



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