Book Review: “My Friend Anna” written by Rachel DeLoache Williams

As an attorney, I am particularly interested in fraud. As a blogger who carefully tracks all the latest trends, and celebrities, my attention was caught by the headline “A Fake Heiress Called Anna Delvey Conned the City’s Wealthy. ‘I’m Not Sorry,’ She Says.” From the New York Times. That was the first time I learned about Anna Delvey.

Shortly after reading the article, I discovered the book, “My Friend Anna” which was written from one of victims of Anna’s con. The book was a page turner.

The book starts out talking about the con itself, and goes into how the author met Anna, and was manipulated into being Anna’s friend. The author was an employee of Vanity fair, and so the book was written from a really interesting perspective. It had a little fashion, a little glam, and a lot of subtle crimes in it.

The author was super relatable to most of us– she is from a middle class family, has career and relationship struggles, and is just generally a good person. The end of the book pulled a few tears out of me, especially when the author talked about the trial, and talked about how the attorneys seemed kind of like a lighthouse in the middle of a sh*t storm.

It’s a quick and easy read, and overall, I would highly recommend it! You can purchase a copy here:

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