DIY Faux shiplap wall

I have been wanting a coffee bar since I moved into my house last summer. Over a year later, my dad surprised me with one for my birthday. He found the coffee stand at hobby lobby, and made the shelf out of barnwood. He customized the shelf by ordering a sign off of amazon that said “Steph’s coffee station” ? #sosweet. Before we styled everything, however, I decided to make a faux ship lap on the wall that the coffee bar was going to go on.

I’ve also wanted a ship lap wall since I moved in. The wall that I was going to do (and ended up doing) was quoted to cost $130(ish). I decided to skip it at the time and put the money elsewhere. My dad brought up the idea again today and I decided to try a faux ship lap that I saw my friend do! The thought of having my dad cut and screw boards into the wall was too much work and too expensive. As such, the faux idea sounded a lot better, and it definitely was. It only took 5 hours total, and it was so easy. Plus it only cost $7!!

The items we used were:

1. White paint

2. Black washi tape (3/8’s inch)

3. Level

4. Tape measure


I first painted the wall white. We then let it dry completely. Next, we placed a strip of tape near the thermostat and measured six inches out from that. However, if you don’t have a place in the wall you’re working around, I’d recommend starting from the top of the wall.

We then Used a level a place markers in a straight line. Next, we Placed down washi tape along markers. We Continued measuring, marking, and sticking the tape down every six inches.

It was way too easy! At the end, I used a blow dryer to warm the tape up to make it stick to the wall better.

See pics below!


Painted the wall white

Thanks for reading!!

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