How the Zebra Sarasa Grand Fits into My Professional and Blogger Life

This post has been sponsored by Zebra Pen. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Okay, so when was the last time you thought about your pen? I am sure many of you use pens in your daily life. For me, I almost always have a pen on me during my workday. It is important for a professional to have a reliable pen on them at all times. After all, there is nothing worse than when you need to sign a document and are stuck without a pen.


Thankfully, I have found a pen that goes with me everywhere—the Zebra Sarasa® Grand Gel Retractable Pen. If this pen is not in my hand at my desk, it is in my coat pocket, my purse, or in my pen holder. I am obsessed with it.


What I like about the Sarasa Grand in particular is that it is an affordable option for a premium pen. It is a nice solid pen made with a brass barrel. It is also very durable which is perfect for me because I tend to be really clumsy and drop my pen, or mindlessly toss it in my work tote.


I like to use my pens to sign documents, draft notes, and to fill out my planner. On the weekends, I use my pens to sign checks and to write letters. I love how smooth the Sarasa Grand Gel Retractable Pen is, and how it fits into my daily life. I also love how sleek the design is.


The pen comes in six different barrel colors and is available in black ink. I have the black and white barreled ones. They are both so beautiful. I would highly recommend them. Plus, they have a great price point. The pen writes well and the ink comes out great. The tip of the pen is great as well, and you can write in nice, neat lettering with it. 


Not only does the pen work for my professional life, but it works great for blogging, as well. I write a lot of thank-you notes to companies who work with me, and it is really nice using my Sarasa Grand because the ink is so beautiful. It makes writing effortless, and I actually look forward to writing thank-you notes with it because it writes so nicely. Overall, I would highly recommend this pen. You can shop the Sarasa Grand on Plus, check out more information here to see how you can Choose Different with Zebra Pen.


Thank you so much for reading! This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own.



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