The Local Sturgis: The Entrepreneur’s Dream

The other week I went to The Local in Sturgis, South Dakota to take some blog photos. I had a minute to myself in the space before my photographer arrived. In those minutes, I felt so much inspiration. I wanted to pull out my laptop and write 5 blog posts right then and there.  If you have never heard of The Local (which you probably haven’t– it’s new), it is a space where you can work, network, host events, and attend events. It’s located in down town Sturgis, which is a short drive from Rapid City. 

The Local is a co-working space designed to assist you in reaching your maximum working potential. As an entrepreneur, it can be so difficult finding a space that fuels my creativity, while offering a quiet place to work. Ive been forced to find coffee shops. However, coffee shops don’t allow me to meet with clients. Hence, this is whereThe Local comes in. You can work independently, meet with clients, and network there! If you still aren’t tracking what The Local offers, let me help clear it up.

Here are 5 things you need to know about The Local

1.The Space is Split into Separate Work Spaces 

There are different areas in The Local for you to work at. You can sit on a couch and chill, meet with a client at a desk, drink coffee looking out a window, and have a group conference at the big conference table. 

2. There are different types of monthly memberships

Click here to read all about them: Memberships. You can get a monthly membership which will allow you various types of access into the building. 

3. It’s a space to network, work, and hangout 

As a full time attorney, I have my own office space at work. As a creative entrepreneur, I do not.  As such, when I am working on my blog, I search for spaces that will fuel my creativity.  The Local does just that!  The Local is also a  place to co-work, and network. With a monthly membership, you have the ability to attend events held at The Local, and meet similar like minded people. Finally, The Local is a place for co-working.  If you’re not sure what co-working means:

“The google definition: the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.”  

4. There are some sweet classes at the Local 

I saw a painting  class hosted at The Local where they painted Lamas.  How fun. Not only are there fun classes, but there are also informative classes that will assist in growing yourself as an entrepreneur and a business owner. 

5. There is free coffee & You can Reserve the Whole Space

I don’t know if I need to elaborate on this one, but there is a coffee bar complete with an espresso machine and local coffee blends. Sweet! In addition to the coffee bar, the Local offers a place where you can host a gathering, whether it’s an office function, or a group gathering. 


Overall, I would highly recommend the local. It’s a great place to host events, work, and meet with clients. It’s also a great place to take photos if you’re a blogger like me (I just bought a day pass, and worked with Emily the owner to set up times for my photographer and I to pop in!).  If you have any questions, here is the link to the FAQ page:  Thanks for reading! 


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  1. The Local is a refreshing environment! This is progressive and should be supported! Thankful for such an accommodating and lovely space. Thank you for a great blog on Emily!

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