Upright Go Posture Training Review


“Stand up straight” and “stop slouching” are something I hear on the regular. It’s also something that I have to be mindful of constantly. So, when I had the opportunity to partner with Upright Go, I couldn’t say no. The upright Go is a small device that you place on your back, and pair with a smart phone. The goal of the Upright and Go is to train you to have better posture. It’s super simple, and easy to use. By the end of my posture training with Upright Go, my posture improved greatly, I felt more confident, and I was more more aware of my posture. I would highly recommend the product.



It is a small device that pairs with a smart phone to create a daily training regime to improve posture.  The device will vibrate when you are slouching.  The app and training sessions last for differing amount of times. When you first start your training, you will train for approximately 8 minutes, once a day. Eventually, you will work your way up to training for 60 minutes per day.  During the training,  when you slouch, the training pauses, and won’t restart until after you resume proper posture. So, you have to be sitting upright for the full time limit to complete your trainer.  As you see above, the device comes with a charger, and a carrying case. 


When I first received the trainer, I could not believe how light weight and small it was. When I saw photos of the product, I had the impression that it would be bigger than it was. The device is small, and fit well under my clothing. I did have one issue, however.  I had a difficult time keeping the trainer on my back. When we were photographing the device, it kept on falling off. This problem was quickly resolved after I learned that you are supposed to clean your back with an alcohol wipe that you are provided. This wipe ensures that your back is clean and the adhesive can stick properly. Further, the device contains multiple adhesives strips that you can change throughout the training. 


The first few sessions were rather easy. They were short. During the middle of my training, the sessions were a little more intense and changed to two training sessions a day. When you are not training, you have the ability to track your posture throughout the day. I elect not to use this option. There isn’t really a reason why except during the day, I have court randomly throughout the day. I don’t wear the device to court because I don’t want it to be distracting.  As such, I use my trainer usually over lunch! 



Overall, if you are struggling with your posture, or know someone who needs help, I would definitely recommend this device. there are so many benefits to having a good posture– such as reducing pressure of your shoulders and stress reduction. Good posture also helps to improve your productivity and confidence.  If you are interested in purchasing the device, here is a link: http://bit.ly/2HOtEG1


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