Wedding Planning in the middle of Covid 19


I read an article today saying that we should all start a Corona Virus Diary about what we are experiencing, our feelings, and our day to day happenings during this time that we are quarantining. It sounded like a pretty legit idea. while I am not committing to writing down a diary (especially publishing it on here), I do find writing about stuff very therapeutic.  I could probably write a novel about all of the things that have gone on in my life over the last few months, but tonight, I want to focus on our wedding planning. 

After planning a traditional wedding for a couple of weeks, we made the decision to have a small, intimate wedding with just our immediate family members. A larger event just did not feel right for us. We currently are planning on going  to Moab, Utah. (YAY!)  We have our lodging, photographer/videographer, and officiant booked. We have known that it would be a possibility that we would have to figure something out due to Covid for a few weeks now, but I am feeling the stress of it more than ever today. I just want to have a fun, carefree wedding day, and with all of the uncertainties of Covid, it is not panning out that way so far. I am worried about bringing people together, even just the 15 family members who are invited. I am also concerned about having family travel from so far away and possibly exposing them to Covid. I would feel AWFUL if one of our family members got sick because of our decision to have a wedding. It feels almost selfish to me. 

So, our plan moving forward is to wait a couple of weeks, until it gets a little closer (but not to close that we are being disrespectful to family who are traveling from far away places). Stay tuned and wish us luck figuring out our plan B (if we need one). 

Thanks so much for reading!

xo, Steph 



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